English Majeure

is a more-or-less weekly comic filled with jokes about books. I read a lot, and a lot of jokes pop into my head while I’m reading. That’s all that’s going on here. If nothing else, I’m happy to finally be putting my English degree to some sort of use.

I’ve done a couple of other webcomics! For about four years I did a strip about the bottom end of the music scene in Minneapolis- it’s called Nowhere Band, and while it seems to be on hiatus now, I do plan on picking it back up at some point. Not to brag, but Nowhere Band did get covered by Minnesota Public Radio and City Pages. So, yeah. I’m legit. Soooooo legit.

My other strip, Gentleman’s Gentleman, will teach you some manners. You could use them, trust me.

If you feel like talking, I’m at keithpille [put an at sign here, of course] gmail [put a dot here, of course] com.

-Keith Pille

This is me being all literate and shit: