Hi, Loyal Readers,

The truth is that, in March of 2012, the mental spigot from which English Majeure ideas flowed just stone cold dried up.  I stood there next to it, tapping my foot and waiting for some kind of joke about F. Scott Fitzgerald getting a boner to pop out, but there was nothing.

At the same time, I found my interest in narrative comics getting fired back up again. So, for the time being at least, my comic-making energy is being directed into a new project: Otto, Protector of the North Woods, an existential horror-comedy set in northern Minnesota. Check it ou! It’s good! The art’s the best I’ve ever done!

I’ve also put together a handy link for all of my various online comic activities. So you can always swing over there and see if there’s anything to your liking.

Right on. English Majeure may be back at some point if the ideas start flowing. You can never count this stuff out.